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Vols. 18-22 1995-1999
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Vols. 13-17 1990-1994

1994 Volume 17

Cole, C. Steven, Pu Liu, and Stanley D. Smith, “The Effect of Default Risk Insurers on Municipal Bond Yields,” 17(1): 1-20. pdf
Schewr, R. Keith, Nasser Daneshvary, and Donald W. Hardigree, “An Analysis of Pet Health Care Insurance,” 17(1): 21-34. pdf
Nielson, Norma, and Arnold F. Shapiro, “Actuarial Costs of Protecting Retirees' Surviving Spouses,” 17(1): 35-48. pdf
Murrey, Jr., Joe H., Robert L. Taylor, R. Keith Tudor, and Kenneth W. Hollman, “The Impact of “Hurricane Hugo” on the Purchase of Indirect Loss Coverage,” 17(1): 49-62. pdf
Barniv, Ran, “Accounting Information, The Cost of Capital, and the Value of Unlisted Insurers,” 17(1): 63-88. pdf
Lancaster, M. Carol, and Mark L. Cross, “Relationships between Property-Liability Insurance Stock Returns and the Business and Underwriting Cycles,” 17(1): 89-106. pdf
Langford, Barry E., and Louis M. Capella, “A Model of Personal Automobile Insurance Shopping Intentions (PAPSI),” 17(2): 1-22. pdf
Boose, Mary Ann, and A. Steven Graham, “An Examination of the Futures Market for Catastrophe Insurance,” 17(2): 23-44. pdf
Eastman, Kevin L., and Alan D. Eastman, “The Impact of Underwriting on Price Dispersion for Different Automobile Insurance Coverages,” 17(2): 45-72.  pdf
Liaw, K. Thomas, Ronald L. Moy, and John Chuang, “The Demand for Life Insurance in the United States: Long-Run Versus Short-Run,” 17(2): 73-84. pdf
Venegas, Ramon H., and Emanuel Melachrinoudis, “Estimating Boiler and Machinery Maximum Probable Yearly Aggregate Loss Using a Microcomputer Spreadsheet Simulation,” 17(2): 85-104.   pdf

1993 Volume 16 

Aiuppa, Thomas, Robert J. Carney, and Thomas M. Krueger, “An Examination of Insurance Stock Prices Following the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake,” 16(1): 1-15. pdf
Sutton-Bell, Nancy, “Early Results on Cost and Utilization from Mandating Well-Child Care Benefits,” 16(1): 15-38. pdf
Bryant, James A., and Robert A. Hershbarger, “Bad Faith Claims in the Settlement of Insurance Claims: The Mississippi Experience,” 16(1): 39-48. pdf
Eden, Yoram, and Boaz Ronen, “Improving Workflow in the Insurance Industry: A Focused Management Approach,” 16(1): 49-62. pdf
Madura, Jeff, and Amand Picou, “Wealth Effects of Mergers in the Insurance Industry,” 16(1): 63-78. pdf
Nissan, Edward, and Iskander S. Hamwi, “An Application of the Distribution of Extremes in Insurance,” 16(1): 79-91. pdf
Aiuppa, Thomas A., and William E. Wehrs, “Insurer Provide Rating Software and Competitive Advantage: An Evaluation Based on BOP Insurance Applications at Wisconsin Agencies,” 16(2): 1-19. pdf
Cocco, Anthony F., “SFAS No. 106, Accounting for Postretirement Benefits Other than Pensions: Potential Impact on Insurance Capacity,” 16(2): 21-27.  pdf
Cox, Arthur T., “The Impact of Loss Dimensions in Laboratory Insurance Markets,” 16(2): 29-40. pdf
Cozzolino, John M., and Peter J. Mikolaj, “Underwriting Best Shares of Excess Layers,” 16(2): 41-58. pdf
Flanigan, George B., Daniel T. Winkler, and Joseph E. Johnson, “Cost Differences of Distribution Systems by Line in the Property and Liability Insurance Industry,” 16(2): 59-73. pdf
Rejda, George E., Kyung Lee, and James R. Schmidt, “The Fallacy of Social Security as a Regressive Tax,” 16(2): 75-97. pdf
Cassidy, Steven M., Richard B. Corbett, and Jeffrey S. Cassidy, “Workers' Compensation Issues in Commercial Space Operations,” 16(2): 99-105.  pdf

1992 Volume 15 

Briscoe, Nat R., and Richard B. Corbett, “Attitudes Toward Risk of Accounting Practitioners: Implications for Professional Liability Insurance,” 15(1): 1-12. pdf
Duett, Edwin H., and Robert A. Hershbarger, “Profitability of Title Insurance Companies,” 15(1): 13-30.  pdf

Fields, Joseph A., Emilio C. Venezian and David Jou, “Price Variability in Automobile Insurance,” 15(1): 31-44. pdf
Kouatly, Youssef I., and Iskander S. Hamwi, “How Federal Antitrust Principles Would Impact the Insurance Ratemaking Function,” 15(1): 45-64. pdf
Schmidt, James R., and Jerome A. Deichert, “Determinants of Regional Variation in the Lack of Health Insurance Coverage,” 15(1): 65-88. pdf
Carney, Robert, Dianne Morrison, and Kathryn Sullivan, “Accelerated Life Insurance Benefits--The More Multifaceted the Option, the More Complicated the Financial Consequences,” 15(1): 89-96. pdf
Aalberts, Robert J., and Donald W. Hardigree, “Risk Management and Insurance Implications Associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act: Accessibility to Places of Public Accommodation,” 15(2): 1-16. pdf
Cross, Mark L., and Wallace N. Davidson III, “Insurer Use of Discriminatory Expense Loading for Insurance Rating Purposes,” 15(2): 17-32. pdf
Lee, Ahyee, and Ronald Moy, “Dynamic Capacity Adjustment of Property-Casualty Insurers” An Empirical Investigation,” 15(2): 33-48. pdf
Nielson, Norma L., and Elizabeth V. Grace, “Capacity as an Indicator of Insurer Insolvency,” 15(2): 49-68. pdf

Puelz, Robert, “Financial Planning and the Life Insurance Agency,” 15(2): 69-82. pdf
Rahmanx, Hamid, “Optimal Hedge Ratios for Property and Liability Insurance Companies,” 15(2): 83-96.  pdf

1991 Volume 14 

Cox, Larry A., and Sandra G. Gustavson, “Institutional and Individual Contributions to Journal of Insurance Issues and Practices, 1977-1989,” 14(1): 1-12. pdf
McNamara, Michael J., “An Examination of the Relative Efficiency of Mutual and Stock Life Insurance Companies,” 14(1): 13-30. pdf
Puelz, Robert, “Costly Probabilistic Insurance,” 14(1): 31-38. pdf
Lai, Li-Hua, “On the Roles of Exposure Number in the Classical Credibility Theory,” 14(1): 39-43.   pdf
Cassidy, Steven M., Michael J. Sullivan, and Robert A. Marshall, “Modeling Employee Choice under Dual Health Insurance Coverage,” 14(2): 1-14. pdf
McNamara, Michael J., and Henry R. Oppenheimer, “The Performance of Variable Annuities,” 14(2): 15-30.  pdf

Murrey Jr., Joe H., R. Keith Tudor, and Kenneth W. Hollman, “Application of the “Marketing Concept” in the Life Insurance Industry,” 14(2): 31-50. pdf
Power, Fred B., E. Warren Shows, and Richard L. Meyer, “The Role of State Guaranty Funds in the Property Casualty Insurance Industry,” 14(2): 51-72. pdf
Rabh, Adel M., Ali E. El-Ashry, and Mohamed E. Ali, “Limit-Pricing and Entry into the Property and Liability Insurance Industry,” 14(2): 73-96.   pdf

1990 Volume 13

Rejda, George E., and David I. Rosenbaum, “Insuring the Risk of Unemployment Privately,” 13(1): 1-26. pdf

Hardigree, Donald W., and Vince Howe, “The Insurer Selection Process by Independent Insurance Agents,” 13(1): 27-46.
Power, Mark L., August Ralston, and Shelia McGinnis, “State Mandatory Health Insurance Benefits: The Iowa Experience,” 13(1): 47-76. pdf
Urrutia, Jorge L., “Managing the Interest Rate Risk Exposure of Insurance Companies,” 13(1): 77-86. pdf

Ellis, Peter M., “Underwriting Profits and Investment Income in the U.S. Property-Casualty Insurance Industry,” 13(1): 87-96.
El-Habashi, M.H., and M.Y. El-Bassiouni, “Season Analysis of Fire Insurance Claims in Kuwait,” 13(1): 97-114. pdf
Carney, Robert J., and Donald W. Hardigree, “The Economic Impact of Gender-Rating Insurance Rating on Women,” 13(2): 1-23. pdf
Carter, Richard B., and Howard E. Van Auken, “Investment Practices of Life Insurance Companies,” 13(2): 24-38. pdf
Frees, Edward W., and Raja P. Velu, “Insurance Pricing Using Time Series Regression,” 13(2): 39-55. pdf

Cassidy, Steven M., and Leroy Franklin, “The Effect of Insurance Education on Students' Attitudes Toward Risk,” 13(2): 56-67. 
Hamwi, Iskander S., and Regina Caveny, “An Empirical Investigation of a Statistical Sampling Model for Rate Making,” 13(2): 68-88.  pdf
Ezz Al Din, M. A., “Safety Considerations at Construction Sites in Kuwait,” 13(2): 89-98.  pdf

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