Journal Content

Volumes 45-50 (2022-27)

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Ahmed S. Abdelzaher and Patricia Born, 2022, “Formulating Policy for Bancassurance Activities Using Evidence from the U.S. Financial Market,” 45(1): 1-27.

Nour Kattih, 2022, “Association between Nongroup Health Insurance and Health Outcomes,” 45(1): 28-52.

Shirley J. Ho and Hsiu Hao Hsu, 2022, “The Effects of Microinsurance on the Insurance Market: A Theoretical Analysis,” 45(1): 53-85.

Mark Evers, Charlene Kalenkoski, and Michael Guillemette, 2022, “The Influence of Natural Disasters on the Take-up Rates for Flood Insurance in Texas—A Panel Approach,” 45(1): 86-104.